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Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can change your house in to a home. Peppermint Painting has the experience necessary to give your home the modern appeal you are looking for at an affordable price. Too often, homeowners attempt to do their painting themselves and end up dissatisfied with the final product. Leave the painting up to the pros and take a break from your home improvement projects.

Both interior and exterior painting is a skilled trade, and if not done properly or done with poor technique, it can cause an undesirable finish that will end in regret. Knowing the proper combination of color, texture and finish can allow you to better picture what the final product will look like and whether or not it is the right combination for your house. Our skilled technicians can assist you in your choices if you are unsure of which selections to go with.

Peppermint Painting has done quality painting jobs all over the Washington, D.C. area for the past three decades and has been able to build a reputation for excellence and have acquired many clients via referral. The ability to gain a tremendous amount of business strictly from word of mouth is the result of an earned reputation for outstanding performance on the job.

Peppermint Painting has the talent and work ethic to offer you painting that will restore your home to mint condition. It is important to acquire qualified professionals when painting your home and Peppermint Painting has the staff and experience to make your home look amazing.

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